Fally Ipupa Featuring Olivia (Congo)iPod Version Chaise Electrique HD

Who said we weren't uniting with our Afrikan Family! This is just one of many collaborations. Do you know how many languages Fally speaks and sings in? STOP Playin! Fally is one of the children Ipupa Ebombo and Bolotuli Mbo. Ipupa Nsimba said Fally, surnamed Di Caprio, born in Kinshasa December 14, 1977, is a Congolese singer and dancer. It is part of the Quartier Latin for nearly 10 years before starting a solo career. He began his musical career while still a student in various small groups in Kinshasa in the early 1990s, including a group called "New City". He then cuts the group "New Covenant". A few years later, when the group latent talents which distinguished itself in a competition, a musician friend of Latin Quartier International (Eric Tutshi Dulcinea) which presents Koffi Olomide who l fits into the Quartier Latin orchestra. His chance will be given him with the departure of several members of the group. Fally occurs via 'Attack', 'Striking Force "," Business State "and" Arab World "and then lays her first real song" Forever "Album Striking Force. It is also known for the duet he performed with Koffi Olomide. After singer Koffi Olomide in over 10 years, he decided to launch a solo career by specifically asking his boss to leave to commence this process. Permission is granted to him but said he never leaves the Latin Quarter. He then began his project in juggling work of his album titled Right path and that of his band Latin Quarter. After several months of work, Fally Ipupa reaches end of his work in the label Obouo Music of the Ivorian Monsoh David (known to have worked with the great name of the song which African Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba ,...). Success does not wait, Fally is quickly catapulted onto the international stage thanks to songs like "Liputa", "orgasy" or "Sopek" that are true hits in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and throughout Africa. its success is quickly apparent when one gets a gold record for more than 100 000 copies sold. Awards and nominations also rained since he won the Caesar of the music of the male artist of the year in Paris, two black music awards for Male Artist of the year and best video in Benin, male artist of the year in Côte d'Ivoire. He was nominated for best entertainer to soukous IRAMWA awards in the U.S. and best artist in central Africa Kora Music Awards. With its success, Fally no longer plans to reinstate the Latin Quarter but do not say so clearly in his many interviews, he always has to be part of the Latin Quarter which aroused the anger of Koffi Olomide who asked not to use the name of his band to his promotion. The album Arsenal Beautiful Melodies (A2bm) is out. According to some rumors, the album includes featurings Longott with Olivia of G-Unit song Electric chair and my love, and with Krys in Step Up. The album includes songs such as Cadena, Nyokalesse, 5th Race, electric chair, Traveling Love, My Love, 1 minute (which is already generating controversy). We can now, listen to two songs exclusive: Baking and Tcho.L 'album contains 3 generic.

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